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RWBY Bayformers story idea by Sideswipe217 RWBY Bayformers story idea :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 5 24 RWBY Blood and Steel Thanks For The Support by Sideswipe217 RWBY Blood and Steel Thanks For The Support :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 9 220 Megatron does not need to hide by Sideswipe217 Megatron does not need to hide :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 8 16 G.I. Joe Rise of The Transformers by Sideswipe217 G.I. Joe Rise of The Transformers :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 8 82
RWBY Blood and Steel The Nemesis

During the War for Cybertron one of Megatron's greatest assets was massive Cybertronian known as Trypticon. Trypticon was essentially a walking Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). The great hulking machine was a nightmarish force on the battlefield. He crushed, burned, incinerated and decimated Autobot forces across Cybertron. However the metal leviathan met his match in battle against the Autobot titan Metroplex. Their battle took place on the outskirts of Iacon, the capitol city of the Autobots, and ultimately ended in a draw. Both titans had nearly ended each other before their power reverses placed them both in stasis lock. Trypticon was recovered by the Decepticons and returned to their capitol in Kaon, while Metroplex was able to get to Iacon before entering stasis. The Autobots converted Metroplex in a new base of operations to be used by their forces that would remain behind when the Ark launche
:iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 5 63
RWBY Blood and Steel The Ark

During the closing years in the War for Cybertron, Optimus Prime ordered a new galactic transport, a project which he dubbed Generation-1, be built for the Autobots. This massive new flagship would be named the Ark. Designed for the sole purpose of transporting the Autobots off of Cybertron, the Ark was not designed for a head on attack. It has weapons and defensive systems yes, but the Ark was built more around evading enemy fire and outrunning them entirely. It also housed a majority of the Autobots energon supplies, as well as several dozen protoforms that the Autobots had managed to procure and secure. Constructed after Optimus ordered a planet wide evacuation for those who sought to leave or not wish to fight, the Ark carried those who chose to stay with Prime and deal with Megatron's forces. When the Ark finally launched and ventured beyond
:iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 5 53
RWBY Blood and Steel Sentinel Prime


Faction: Autobot
Alt. Modes: Cybertronian Truck, Vacuan Fire Truck
Motto: "Freedom without survival is a tragedy, survival without freedom is a curse."
Sentinel Prime is a direct descendent of the Original 13 Primes. After the age of the Primes had come to an end, Cybertron was effectively leaderless. The inhabitants dissolved into tribes that waged war against each other, whether it be for supplies or might be considered "religious" or "spiritual" differences. Then everything changed when another metallic alien race known as the Quintessons (creations of Quintess Prime himself) invaded Cybertron, for the sole purpose of "reigning them in check" as they claimed. What followed was known as the "Quintesson War." It was during this time that a new leader emerged, one who helped unify Cybertron once again. His name was Sentinel Prime. Sentinel united the tribes across his homeworld and through t
:iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 2 69
RWBY Blood and Steel V4 Ironhide by Sideswipe217 RWBY Blood and Steel V4 Ironhide :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 4 101 EG/TF Crosshairs by Sideswipe217 EG/TF Crosshairs :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 14 21
RWBY Blood and Steel The Thirteen Primes

Created by Primus to help defeat his brother Unicron, the Thirteen Primes were the first Cybertronians and their world's first leaders who established Cybertronian society. The members included:
-Prima - The leader of the Thirteen, a warrior of light who wielded the Star Saber.
-Vector Prime - The master of time and space, which he could manipulate through his Blades of Time.
-Alpha Trion - Holder of the Quill, which he uses to record the past, present, and future of Cybertron in the Covenant of Primus in his role as recordskeeper of the Primes.
-Solus Prime - The master artificer and creator of many of the Primes' weapons through use of her incredible Forge. She was the first female Cybertronian.
-Micronus Prime - The conscience of the Thirteen, and the first Mini-Con, able to link up with and enhance the power of his siblings through the use of his artifact, the Chimera Stone.
:iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 4 41
RWBY Blood and Steel Ironhide's Guns Volume 4 by Sideswipe217 RWBY Blood and Steel Ironhide's Guns Volume 4 :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 19 65 RWBY Blood and Steel Merlot's Log by Sideswipe217 RWBY Blood and Steel Merlot's Log :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 9 52 Decepticons and Cobra: The Big 8 by Sideswipe217 Decepticons and Cobra: The Big 8 :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 8 3 Transformers/G. I. Joe crossover by Sideswipe217 Transformers/G. I. Joe crossover :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 7 16 EG/TF: Animatron and The Beast Wars by Sideswipe217 EG/TF: Animatron and The Beast Wars :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 9 29 RWBY/DU: Paint It Black by Sideswipe217 RWBY/DU: Paint It Black :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 4 9


DC Trinity Vs Marvels Big 3 by taresh DC Trinity Vs Marvels Big 3 :icontaresh:taresh 234 34 The Mommies Six - Equestria Girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan The Mommies Six - Equestria Girls :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 342 45 The Mega Showdown by BongzBerry The Mega Showdown :iconbongzberry:BongzBerry 65 7
A Shining Knight and The Dark King
A Crystal Clear Ending
Just as Sunburst suggested, the next day, Shining Armor, and the rest of those who helped vanquish Sombra had begun taking a long, soothing bath - in the Changeling's love substance which had already been used on Shining Armor. But now, it was being used to help soothe the hearts, and minds of this pony group, inside the empire's own spa, no less, after issuing a day off for themselves. All to ensure any lingering feelings left by their fight with Sombra - or in Shining's case, lingering essence - were removed. Needless to say, it was the most relaxing experience any of them had experienced. All of them had donned bathing suits, and shared the large tub of love gel to better make the experience better. Thorax especially enjoyed this dunking, as the only one who fed off of this essence, even though it was no longer for necessity. Just a delightful pleasure. As pleasurable as the tea all of them were sharing together, which further helped calm the nerves. Though Sh
:iconkahnac:kahnac 1 6
A Shining Knight and The Dark King
The Doom of Fear
As Shining Armor got out of the tub of love substance, and weakly got to his feet, he was met by the embrace of his loving sister, and his darling wife. Both of whom were more than happy to see Shining Armor was alright. And he happily embraced his family with equal love, and happiness as fresh new tears filled his eyes. Only these were different tears: tears brought on by the joy of being free from his torment, and for having others who stood by him through it all - and ultimately saving him from a fate worse than death. The other ponies, and royals smiled happily at the display, thankful that everything turned out well as the sparkle-family spoke.
"I knew you could do it, Shiny: i just KNEW it!" Twilight proclaimed happily. "Nopony messes with my Big Brother Best Friend Forever, and gets away with it."
"Thanks for the high praise, Twily." Shining laughed. "But to be fair: it was whatever Cadence did that helped me in the end. I don't think i could've won without her.
:iconkahnac:kahnac 3 4
DC Vs Marvel Fighting Game Roster
Superman Batman Wonder Woman Red Robin Nightwing Robin Superboy (Jon and Conner) Supergirl Flash Cyborg Martian Manhunter Aquaman Green Lantern Green Arrow Black Canary Swamp Thing Starfire Raven Beast Boy Blue Beetle Captain Carrot Black Lightning Atom Shazam Lex Luthor Joker Harely Deadshot Bane Captain Cold Mr. Freeze Plastic Man Doomsday Metallo Toyman Zod Ursa Non Lor-Zod Reverse Flash Captain Bommerang Killer Frost Catwoman Poison Ivy Solomon Grundy Darkseid Steppenwolf Ares Weather Wizard Black Adam Mera Black Manta He-Man She-Ra Sinestro Atrosocis Bizarro Red Hood Artemis Ra's Al Ghul Talia Eradicator Skeletor Deathstroke Lady Shiva Dr. Destiny, Zatanna Dr. Fate Constantine Hawkman Hawkgirl Etrigan firestorm ocean master amazo
Captain America Ironman Spider-Man Hulk Thor Black Widow Hawkeye Scarlet Witch Falcon Vision Ant man Wolverine Cyclops Jean Gray BEast Rogue Colossus Deadpool  Gambit Jubilee Storm Iceman Nightcrawler Magneto Winter soldier Star-lord Gamora
:icongojira012:Gojira012 3 2
EG Kaiju The Terrasaur Army by Sci-fiman2xxx EG Kaiju The Terrasaur Army :iconsci-fiman2xxx:Sci-fiman2xxx 17 1
DC Vs Marvel Fighting game intros
Ironman- Hope our worlds aren't permanently mashed together Bat be cause you are one major downer.
Batman- Your Arrogance is insufferable Stark.
Deadpool- I had Dead in MY NAME FIRST!
Deadshot- Despite current situation we're from two completely different Earths so it means jack to me.
Thor- So you are Your Earth's Mightiest Hero?
Superman- I don't consider myself THE mightiest but either way It's never as easy as it sounds
Thor- Either way I am MIGHTIER!
Superman- Captain Rogers. It would be a priviledge to fight by you.
Captain America- Thanks. but Super or not I take lead.
Superman- What they say is true. You got serious heart kid.
Spider-Man- Though probably no the best sense at the moment.
Black Panther- You Disgrace your heritage.
Black Manta- It ABANDONED ME!
Aquaman and Namor- I AM KING OF ATLANTIS! NO! I AM!
Wonder Woman- You would definitely have a place among my Amazon sisters Major Danvers.
Captain Marvel- Gee Thanks Sis
Superman- Dr. Banner! Please Let's talk..
:icongojira012:Gojira012 4 7
A Shining Knight and The Dark King
The Dark War for the Soul
"Please, be strong, shining armor!" cried a voice in the deepest reaches of his mind. "You must not loose hope! And you must not give up your existence! Only you have the strength to fight this evil - and only you can expel it! You must be strong! For all our sake's, you must be strong!"
After what felt like ages, Shining Armor groggily woke up. Feeling horrible in ways he had never thought were possible before. Yet he was still able to notice something.....peculiar: namely, he was being elevated above a tub of the Changeling's love substance, while he was held and tied up by his wrists and ankles. His clothes had been reduced to tatters, exposing his well-toned, athletic form. Yet his body was also still covered in those black splotches. And his mind felt like it had just been placed in a cake-mix, and battered senselessly. Even so, he was able to observe his surroundings, and se
:iconkahnac:kahnac 3 30
Godzilla: Birthright trailer 1
(We open to the Ghibli and G-Kids logos before cutting to Sakura walking down Tokyo's streets with her hood on. Whilst "Legends Never Die" plays in the background)
Sakura: (narration) I never asked to be related to him.
(Sakura looks at a graffiti pic of Godzilla's bones while Godzilla Junior stands like a phoenix.)  
Legends never die;
When the world is calling you

(We then cut to Ayame practicing telekinesis in her room whilst meditating. She then stares at a picture of her and her grandmother, Miki Saegusa.)
Ayame: (narration) I don't want to be remembered in her shadow.
Can you hear them screaming out your name?
(We cut to Kayrina about to leave for the surface and taking one last look at her home.)
Kayrina: (narration) I'm doing this for the good of my people and so humanity can see another dawn.
Legends never die;
They become a part of you;
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Relentless you survive

(At 'survive' we cut to Godzilla Junior on
:iconkaijualpha1point0:KaijuAlpha1point0 3 1
Angelic Armisael by Daizua123 Angelic Armisael :icondaizua123:Daizua123 9 11 Determined To Protect The Future by LordGojira Determined To Protect The Future :iconlordgojira:LordGojira 72 42 The Bridge Monster'verse: Get Out of My Head by LionPatriot The Bridge Monster'verse: Get Out of My Head :iconlionpatriot:LionPatriot 8 6 Evolved Zeruel by Daizua123 Evolved Zeruel :icondaizua123:Daizua123 11 0 IT | The Pennywises (colored) by MynnuB IT | The Pennywises (colored) :iconmynnub:MynnuB 56 4 IT- Pennywise by NicoleTheBlueCat IT- Pennywise :iconnicolethebluecat:NicoleTheBlueCat 40 2


RWBY Bayformers story idea
So this is a new idea for a RWBY/Transformers story, this time more specifically looking at the movie universe. This came from talking with my friend Grimlock108 and rewatching his RWBY/Transformers videos (go check him out, you'll love his videos ;)). Now while this is based around the "Bayformers" as people call the film universe, this is also my creative take on it with some concepts and ideas taken from other TF media like Prime and etc.

The idea for this story is that Bumblebee and Arcee stumble upon a Decepticon mining operation with the 'Cons utiziling a new form of groundbridge to get it back to the Nemesis on Mars. The two Autobots are quickly discovered and are engaged. Calling for backup at N.E.S.T. HQ, Optimus, Jazz,  Ironhide and Ratchet arrive while Megatron, Starscream, Blackout, Scorponok, Barricade, Frenzy, Bonecrusher, Brawl and Wreckage engage them. During the ensuing firefght, the groundbrige is damaged and overloads, which in turn causes a transdimesional spacebridge to active teleporting the Autobots and Decepticons to the world of Remnant. There they encounter the locals, inlcuding Team RWBY and from there a new adventure begins.
Meanwhile back in our world (I guess lol), both N.E.S.T. and the Decepticons are in chaos and trying to hold it together as they search for their friends/comrades. Shockwave and Soundwave take command of the Decepticons in Megatron and Starscream's absence while Lennox and Elita-1 do their best to keep the Autobots and N.E.S.T. from falling apart.

Now I probably won't commit to this idea anytime soon but I'd figure I'd share the idea with you guys. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll answer as best I can :) As always guys be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below :D

All rights are (c) of their original owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!!

An idea I made to commemorate the first Transformers movie's 10th anniversary :D 
Calling all my fellow kaiju fans: I need some help coming up with ideas for Season 1 of my series Godzilla Legacy Rebirth. I've been trying to think up stuff for weeks and have gotten nowhere. Some help would be greatly appreciated
So as of now I am currently at 981 deviations guys. I'm coming up on my 1000th soon. I feel like I should do something special when the time comes but.... I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


Sideswipe217's Profile Picture
Hunter Richer
United States
Hello! I'm Sideswipe217 aka Hunter! I'm into Transformers, Godzilla, all kinds of things. I really want to make friends here on deviantART. Thanks for having me :D
TF5 Bumblebee by Sideswipe217
Hey guys! Hunter here again with (as said by the title above) a question regarding Bumblebee in my RWBY/Transformers series RWBY Blood and Steel. Now at the end of Volume 3 of my story, Bumblebee loses his voice at the hands of Megatron as he tries to defend his friends. Now the question I am here to ask you is by the series end should Bumblebee get his voice back? And if so HOW should he get his voice? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you :)


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