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GODZILLA Monsters and Men Poster by Sideswipe217 GODZILLA Monsters and Men Poster :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 3 0 Godzilla Anime: Godzilla and Servum by Sideswipe217 Godzilla Anime: Godzilla and Servum :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 16 18
My Godzilla Anime Timeline
65 Million Years Ago - King Ghidorah and DesGhidorah arrive on Earth and proceed to cause the KT Extinction event. Earth's first guardians,  Mothra and Battra, engage the space dragons and force King Ghidorah off world while DesGhidorah is sealed away in what will one day become the Amazon Rainforest. An estimated 90% of all plant life and 70% of all animal life has been wiped out in the attack. However, some of the creatures will live on to carry their heritage into the future.
Approx. 12,000 B.C. - The Kingdom/Continent of Mu sinks beneath the Pacific Ocean. It's monsters Manda, Megalon and Dagahra are believed to have died along with them....
Approx. 10,200 B.C. - As humanity begins to enter into the Neolithic Era, the Mysterians, a race of extraterrestrials inhabiting the planet Mysteriod discover atomic capabilities. Several years after however, they end up destroying themselves in nuclear war, destroying their planet into what we now know is the asteroid belt between Mars an
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Evangelion/Godzilla POTM - King of The Monsters by Sideswipe217 Evangelion/Godzilla POTM - King of The Monsters :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 15 40
GODZILLA Angel Wars Timeline
Well over 4.6 billion years ago - The First Ancestral Race, an extraterrestrial humanoid species with hyper-advanced technological capabilities, find themselves faced with imminent destruction. They create 7 progenitor beings, the Seeds of Life, each given the soul of an FAR individual and placed within a carrier vessel (Moon) along with a Lance of Longinus. These Seeds will carry the souls of the FAR population to new worlds across the galaxy where they will be reincarnated as similar beings that will live on in their place. Some of these new lifeforms will inherit the ‘Fruit of Life’ aka the S² Engine from their Seeds, which grants immortality and great physical power, while the children of the other Seeds will inherit the ‘Fruit of Knowledge’ which grants sentience and the power of science. Because of these differences, the FAR make plans to ensure that a Fruit of Life Seed and a Fruit of Knowledge Seed will never land on the same planet. As a safeguard
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RWBY Blood and Steel: Penny's backstory

 Penny Polendina is unique to say the most and least. She's a very different from girls as.... well.... she's not a "normal" girl. Penny is the first Cybertronian to be "born" "so to speak" since the Exodus of Cybertron, which forced Autobots and Decepticons alike to take up a nomadic lifestyle. She's also different in that she's a techno-organic: the first Cybertronian to be a hybrid, in her case half human/half Transformer. Due to her human nature, she is capable of producing an aura, something Cybertronians can't do, thus proving she does in fact possess a soul (not saying Transformers don't; you guys get what I mean) though she has yet to unlock her semblance, if she possess one. She's the youngest member of Team Prime, looking up to her father Ratchet, her "brothers", "uncles" and her "grandfather" Optimus Prime.  She absolutely adores her friends on Team RWBY and Team JNPR. However the story of this lovable little fembot is not as li
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GODZILLA Kaiju War - Remember Janjira by Sideswipe217 GODZILLA Kaiju War - Remember Janjira :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 12 20 Godzilla WOR - Guardians of Balance by Sideswipe217 Godzilla WOR - Guardians of Balance :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 22 72 Godzilla WOR - The Witch and The King by Sideswipe217 Godzilla WOR - The Witch and The King :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 17 63 GODZILLA WOR - Ren and Nora's backstory by Sideswipe217 GODZILLA WOR - Ren and Nora's backstory :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 20 42 Princess Mononoke - God Incarnate by Sideswipe217 Princess Mononoke - God Incarnate :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 19 23
GODZILLA Angel Wars Kaiju List
So I think I was asked to do this once before, as well as recently by 54godamora (I think?). So I figured why the heck not. So here is the list of kaiju for GODZILLA Angel Wars, my Godzilla/Evangelion crossover, as well as which versions of certain kaiju I'm using.
Earth Kaiju

Godzilla (2002-2003)
Anguirus (1968-1974)
Baragon (2001)
Ebirah (2004)
Kamacuras (2004)
King Caesar (1974)
Kumonga (2004)
Manda (2004)
Mothra (1992)
Rodan (2004)
Zilla (1998)
GDF Units

Jet Jaguar
MechaGodzilla 1993/Super MechaGodzilla (Referred to as MechaGodzilla UN in story)
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Cryog Kaiju
Destoroyah (Mind-controlled so calm down fanboys)
Gigan (Starts off as Showa aka 1972, then gets upgraded to Final Wars Gigan ad later gets updgraded to Final Wars with chainsaws)
MechaGodzilla 1974-1975 (Referred to as MechaGodzilla Cryog in
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GODZILLA Angel Wars Gamaliel
Name: Gamaliel
Number: the 21st Angel
Symbol: Angel of Reflection
Profile: Gamaliel has a spherical, jet-black body approximately 50 meters in diameter with three long protrusions that bend forward in front of it like a claw machine and a large red eye on the front of its body. When it is about to attack, a spinning black orb appears within the prongs of the 'claw'. Having no limbs it simply floats through the air via A.T. Field-assisted levitation. While NERV initially believes its core is in the centre of its body, they later discover that the orb which appears when it attacks is its real core. Gamaliel has the ability to hide its core inside a pocket dimension, making it untouchable by any attack. The Angel's 'body' is in fact a manifestation of energy from the core made into a physical state to confuse attackers; even if its body is completely destroyed, as long as its core remains safe it can almost immediately reform itself.
When the core does appear, it can charge and fire cross
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RWBY Knightfall: A Hero Forms by Sideswipe217 RWBY Knightfall: A Hero Forms :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 19 8 GODZILLA Angel Wars Poster by Sideswipe217 GODZILLA Angel Wars Poster :iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 13 23
GODZILLA Angel Wars: The Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend

I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

Fools, said I, you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence
:iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 7 20


20 Patron Promo - MOTHRA by RoFlo-Felorez 20 Patron Promo - MOTHRA :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 16 1 20 Patron Promo - GALIA by RoFlo-Felorez 20 Patron Promo - GALIA :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 17 1 20 Patron Promo - KAMATA KUN by RoFlo-Felorez 20 Patron Promo - KAMATA KUN :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 19 3 20 Patron Promo - GYAOS by RoFlo-Felorez 20 Patron Promo - GYAOS :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 17 2 Brains and Brawn (Beast Wars) by Grimlock108 Brains and Brawn (Beast Wars) :icongrimlock108:Grimlock108 4 2
Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde
Dark Universe
Real Name
(s): Dr. Henry Jekyll, M.D., Ph.D. / Mr. Edward Hyde.
Other names: Big Ape, Jack The Ripper, The Mad Alchemsit.
Race: Human.
Quote: "I feel I'll live on forever, with Satan himself by my side! And I'll show the world that tonight and forever, the name to remember's the name Edward Hyde! What a feeling to be so alive! I have never seen me so alive! Such a feeling of evil inside - That's the feeling of being Edward Hyde!! And this feeling of being alive, there's a new world I see come alive. It's a truth that cannot be denied. There's no feeling like being EDWARD HYDE!!!"
    Hyde Formula: Jekyll subjugated himself several times to a serum which has come to be known as the Hyde Formula, who's primary focus is to enhance and mutate/perfect the physiology of the subject, as well as emphasize the user's key subconscious
:iconbookdud3:Bookdud3 3 17
Romelle? by KaijuAlpha1point0 Romelle? :iconkaijualpha1point0:KaijuAlpha1point0 9 3 The Key part one by GUILLERMOTFMASTER The Key part one :iconguillermotfmaster:GUILLERMOTFMASTER 14 1 G Reborn Idea Juniors enemies by KingShisa08 G Reborn Idea Juniors enemies :iconkingshisa08:KingShisa08 4 4 MONARCH Files Orga by Kaiju-Guardian MONARCH Files Orga :iconkaiju-guardian:Kaiju-Guardian 5 0 MonsterVerse Size Chart by MnstrFrc MonsterVerse Size Chart :iconmnstrfrc:MnstrFrc 15 1
Imhotep / The Dark Mummy
Dark Universe
Real Name
: Imhotep / (Later) ___.
Other names: The Dark Mummy, The Arbiter of Anubis, High-Priest of the Arbiters, Chief Lector of Pharaoh Menmaatre Seti I.
Race: Formerly Human, currently exists as a Reanimated Cursed Human Corpse (Mummy)/Ethereal Spirit (Later).
Quote“Know this: this creature is the Bringer of Death; he will never eat, he will never sleep, he will never stop.”
    Undead Mummy Physiology: Imhotep currently exists as a malevolent Ethereal Spirit, formerly within his own reanimated corpse and currently possessing the body of ___, and possessing abilities deemed god-like to humans. His power stems from his curse of the Hom-Dai and Arbiter pact with the Egyptian God, Anubis (which keeps his soul earthbound), and the he
:iconbookdud3:Bookdud3 2 0
Dr. Jack Griffin / The Invisible Man
Dark Universe
Real Name
: Dr. Jack Griffin.
Other names: The Invisible Man, Jack The Ripper.
Race: Human.
Bio: "I shall come back very soon now. What terrible power I shall wield, the nations of the world will run squealing in terror."
    The Invisibility Formula: Griffin subjugated himself to an incomplete and flawed Invisibility Formula, which caused all wavelengths of visible light to bend around his body’s musculature, bone structure, internal organ composition, soft tissue structure and skin, rendering him completely unseen by the naked eye and become invisible on the visible spectrum and almost all forms of electronic detection without any form of distortion; though he somehow directs enough undistorted light to his eyes to retain his full range of vision.
Multilingualism: Griffin speaks his native English a
:iconbookdud3:Bookdud3 2 10
The Goddess of Truth vs the King of the Monsters by DR-Studios The Goddess of Truth vs the King of the Monsters :icondr-studios:DR-Studios 86 10 The Indoraptor by Syfyman2XXX The Indoraptor :iconsyfyman2xxx:Syfyman2XXX 23 13
Vlad Tepes III / Count Dracula
Dark Universe
Full name
: King Vlad 'Dracula' Țepeș III.
Other names: Drac, Drake, Alucard, Count Vladislaus Dracula, Lord Vlad the Impaler, Son of the Dragon/Devil, Protector of the Innocent, The Prince of Wallachia/ Darkness, The King of Transylvania/ Vampires.
Race: Formerly Human, currently exists as a Vampire Lord (Homines Nocturnae).
Bio: "Men don't fear swords. They fear monsters. They run from them. By putting one village to the stake, I spared ten more. Sometimes the world no longer needs a hero. Sometimes what it needs... is a monster."
    Vampire Lord Physiology: Dracula currently exists as a Vampire Lord; one of the most powerful forms of a vampire and possessing abilities deemed god-like to humans. His power stems from his Vampiric transformation by the Vampiric Demon, Caligula, and the hellish properties of h
:iconbookdud3:Bookdud3 1 13


GODZILLA Monsters and Men Poster
Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well. So I FINALLY have a name for my Godzilla animes series idea, courtsey of my bro Ian aka KaijuAlpha1point0: GODZILLA Monsters and Men. This is just the poster for it made for fun :) I will be updating the Godzilla and Servum file soon as well as changing the name to the series title on all things related to it. I also hope to update the timeline as well. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know :)

Also guys a quick question for you: Do you guys think I should have this idea as one big series or have it be in seasons? Again lemme me know your thoughts in the comments.

All rights are (c) of their original owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!!

Honestly guys I feel like this scene from JUSTICE LEAGUE is how the world of Remnant would be with Optimus gone. In fact it's the reason I came up the idea. But what do you guys think? Lemme me know your thoughts.
Godzilla Anime: Godzilla and Servum
Here is the designs for Godzilla and the Servum for my Godzilla anime. A BIG hand to my bro Syfyman2XXX for bringing my vision of this bad boy to life. Seriously bro, I love it :hug:
My take on AnimeGoji is primarily based off his Planet of The Monsters incarnation but with some differences, the biggest being he's not a plant. I love that Sy kept the blue eyes as I feel it works to give Godzilla more character as well as emphasize his atomic nature/roots.

I will be posting official stats for these guys later, right now I'm very tired. As always guys lemme me know what you think and I'll talk to you soon ;)

All rights are (c) of their original owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!!

Post these rules
 Post 8 facts about your character(s)
Tag other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
Post their avatars and write their character's name next to them

So I was recently tagged by bro kahnac, aka Tim, and asked to state 8 facts about a character. The choices he gave me were King Ghidorah, Grand King Ghidorah or DesGhidorah (aka Death Ghidorah). I've decided to go with King Ghidorah for my idea of my Godzilla anime. However since he's a combination of regular Ghidorah and Grand Ghidorah I look at it as killing two birds with one stone :D So here are:
Grand King Ghidorah by Sideswipe217


NOTE: The photo above is not how he'll look; it is merely a placeholder.

1. His origin is a mixture of Showa King Ghidorah & Grand King Ghidorah from Rebirth of Mothra III

2. His powers are that of Grand Ghidorah

3. His personality is that of Showa King Ghidorah in that while he does take pleasure in seeing his enemies suffer, he himself really feels nothing in regards to the destruction he causes

4. His official stats for my series are he stands at 100 meters tall and weighs 40,000 metric tons

5. His relatives (and I use that term loosely) are DesGhidorah and Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah

6. He is one of Godzilla's stronger opponents in my series (as he should be ;))

7. He is one of the few kaiju in my series to have a three-parter "episode"

8. His remains are used to create Mecha-King Ghidorah

Now this is where I'm suppose to tag three other people but I'm not sure who to tag :shrug: So I guess if anyone wants to do this, I guess just say I tagged you lol
Evangelion/Godzilla POTM - King of The Monsters
Something I've been meaning to do since after I saw GODZILLA Planet of The Monsters and after seeing my bro KaijuAlpha1point0 do something similar to this (though he used Andrew from Little Witch Academia :)).As for why I did this it's because Metphies reminded me SO much of Kaowru Nagisa from Evangelion. I can't be the only person who thought that, right?

All rights are (c) of their original owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!!

Updated to include more of Metphies dialogue and so you guys can stop freaking out over Kaworu not wearing pants XD There are worse things to be upset about people XD
Well over 4.6 billion years ago - The First Ancestral Race, an extraterrestrial humanoid species with hyper-advanced technological capabilities, find themselves faced with imminent destruction. They create 7 progenitor beings, the Seeds of Life, each given the soul of an FAR individual and placed within a carrier vessel (Moon) along with a Lance of Longinus. These Seeds will carry the souls of the FAR population to new worlds across the galaxy where they will be reincarnated as similar beings that will live on in their place. Some of these new lifeforms will inherit the ‘Fruit of Life’ aka the S² Engine from their Seeds, which grants immortality and great physical power, while the children of the other Seeds will inherit the ‘Fruit of Knowledge’ which grants sentience and the power of science. Because of these differences, the FAR make plans to ensure that a Fruit of Life Seed and a Fruit of Knowledge Seed will never land on the same planet. As a safeguard each vessel is loaded with scrolls that explain the function of the Seeds and the Lance, as well as predictions about the future in the event a Seed is awakened. The FAR shed their physical forms and unite as one to board the Moons, which are launched into space.

Approx. 4 billion years ago - Adam, a Fruit of Life Seed, arrives on Earth aboard the White Moon and begins scattering his progeny, the Angels, across the planet's surface. Before he can finish the process of giving them souls, the Black Moon containing Lilith, a Fruit of Knowledge Seed, crash lands on Earth purely by accident. This is the First Impact. Lilith’s crash is so violent that a chunk of the Earth is blown out into space, where time and gravity eventually mould it into Earth’s moon. It also destroys Lilith’s Lance of Longinus, causing Adam’s Lance to activate automatically to try and fix the situation by placing Adam into a state of hibernation. Lilith infuses the early Earth’s oceans with her blood to create the primordial soup in which the first ’normal’ terrestrial life evolves. Over the next few billion years these first microbes will develop into more complex and intelligent forms from trilobites and the first fish, to dinosaurs, elephants and ultimately the human race.

65 million years ago - Cretaceous Ghidorah attempts to scorch the Earth clean of life as he has done to other planets in the past. Lilith is awakened from her long slumber by Ghidorah’s presence. Rather than fight him herself, for the first and perhaps only time she intervenes directly in the development of life by creating Mothra and Battra, the first of Earth's kaiju. The two insectoid demi-gods are defeated in their larval stage but after growing into their imago forms they manage to drive the young Ghidorah off-world. Knowing that the King of Terror will someday return stronger than before, Lilith alters the DNA of the few remaining dinosaurs and some of the other creatures that gather around her in the aftermath, granting them the potential to grow into larger and more powerful forms that will protect the planet. She then returns to her Black Moon deep beneath the Earth. At some point between then and now, shifting tectonic plates carry Lilith’s subterranean vessel to a point underneath what will one day be Hakone, Japan, forming the vast cavern later known as the Geofront.

12,000 years ago - The Elias, a race of physically diminutive humans that possess powerful mental abilities and advanced technology, discover the Black Moon and the scrolls left by the FAR. They use the knowledge within to further advance their civilisation but when they try to alter Earth’s climate and environment to better suit them, they incur the wrath of Battra. Mothra attempts to stop her twin and the battle between them destroys the Elias. The only survivors, Moll and Lora, are taken in by Mothra. She brings them to her home on Infant Island where they become her priestesses, the Shobijin. A select few humans join them and form a peaceful village isolated from the rest of the world. Mothra provides them with a special water that greatly prolongs life. The FAR’s scrolls are hidden in a cave next to the Dead Sea.

1030 AD - The alien monster Megalon crash lands in medieval Japan and attacks Okinawa. One of the Emperor’s royal guards, whose name has since been lost to time, performs a secret ritual that transfers his soul into a giant stone statue that comes to life as King Caesar. The knowledge of this ritual and how it was acquired have also been lost. Caesar defeats Megalon, who retreats to hibernate underground. King Caesar places himself into a deep slumber as well, waiting to be awakened by the sacred prayer that calls him to aid Japan again.

Approx. 1500 AD - The legend of Gojira begins on Odo Island. The natives form a tradition of sending out virgin sacrifices to appease the wrathful sea serpent, though this practice is abandoned by the 20th Century.

1933 - American movie director Carl Denham leads an expedition to find the legendary Skull Island, somewhere west of Sumatra. Following a fragment of an old map, the film cast and the crew of the SS Venture stumble upon the island and actress Ann Darrow is abducted by the natives as a sacrifice to their god, a 7-and-a-half metre tall primate named Kong. Denham and script writer Jack Driscoll lead a party into the jungle to rescue Ann and discover a land out of time inhabited by dinosaurs and other strange creatures found nowhere else. Upon rescuing Ann, Kong chases after her but the crew subdue him with bottles of chloroform. Denham has the ape taken back to New York and put on display as ‘King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World’. Kong escapes, abducts Ann again and climbs to the top of the Empire State Building with her. Driscoll rescues Ann while military biplanes shoot down Kong.
Although historians generally agree that the ‘Age of Monsters’ began in 1954 with Godzilla, King Kong is still recognised as the first recorded kaiju to appear outside of myth and legend.

1934 - In the wake of Skull Island's unveiling, universities and private organizations worldwide fumble to dispatch research teams to investigate and catalogue its wonders, fighting for exclusivity and justification to be first on the island. Only a handful of the two dozen expeditions successfully make landfall, and - of those - half are woefully unprepared for the terrors that await them.

1935 - After a year of disastrous excursions and tragic loss of life, a properly prepared, jointly managed and fully financed effort is finally organised by the three biggest interested concerns to systematically explore and document Skull Island, Project Legacy. Carl Denham leads the three-month expedition which, though it suffers its own share of setbacks and attrition, is a far cry from the earlier ill-founded attempts. New species and behaviours are discovered every day, including pterosaur and ankylosaur specimens that are, years later, realised to be offshoots from the ancestors of Rodan and Anguirus. Most interesting of all however, is when a scout team sent to survey Kong's former lair in the highlands is chased out by the new king of the island, a therapod even larger than the V. Rex, with a row of plates on its back and the ability to spit a burning chemical mixture from its mouth. The specimen is named Dracosaurus Rex by Dr Howard Woods, the great-grandfather of Steven Woods, though it is retroactively changed to Gojirasaurus after 1954. The project heads soon realise that Skull Island is too new, too strange and above all, too dangerous to explore and study in so short a space of time. Project Legacy is expanded to a long-term initiative with annual expeditions, the long term goal being to establish a permanent base of operations on the island.

1936 - During Project Legacy's second incursion onto Skull Island, a German professor, Kurt Lorenz, is surveying the mysterious wall built by the now-extinct civilisation that once lived there and finds a metallic sphere of unknown origin. He does not reveal his discovery and takes the sphere back with him to Berlin. Days later, five Project Legacy team members are killed when a huge earthquake sinks one part of the island. After careful exploration by a team of geologists, the expedition confirms that Skull Island is doomed to destruction.

1939 - On September 1st, Nazi Germany invades Poland, marking the start of World War II.

1945 - On July 16th, as part of the Manhattan Project, the United States Army conducts the Trinity nuclear test, the first detonation of an atomic bomb.

1947 - The Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered in a cave by the Dead Sea. Unknown to the public, the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered with them, but are acquired by the mysterious SEELE organisation. The origins of this shadowy cult are unknown, but they claim to have maintained an Illuminati-like power cabal over Earth’s governments since ancient times, using their vast wealth and power to seek out objects of their faith. According to their doctrine, the Scrolls contain the entire history of humanity, not just its past but also its present and future. The Scrolls foretell the coming of the Angels, the Evangelions, Third Impact and many other events that will follow. SEELE use this knowledge to begin making plans for their ultimate goal of Instrumentality.

1948 - Barely fifteen years after its discovery, Skull Island sinks beneath the waves, torn apart by the same geological forces that had preserved it for so many eons and taking all of its unique wonders and dangers with it. Only seven short Project Legacy expeditions are made in the years between the island's revelation and its oblivion.

1950 - Akiko Namikawa is born January 1st.

1954 - An investigation by the Japanese into a series of shipping disasters across the South Pacific discovers the existence of a gigantic dinosaur-type creature known among the natives of Odo Island as Gojira, which is americanised into ‘Godzilla'. Renowned Japanese palaeontologist Kyohei Yamane is brought in to provide an expert opinion and he identifies the creature as being remarkably similar to the Dracosaurus Rex of Skull Island, only much larger. The monster is lured to the Bikini Atoll by the US and Japanese armies where an atomic bomb is detonated under the guise of a test in an attempt to kill it quickly and quietly. The creature not only survives but is mutated into a larger and more powerful form that feeds on radiation, which it can then process into a deadly breath weapon. Godzilla backtracks the military to Tokyo and destroys most of the city in retaliation, turning the capital into a sea of fire. The JSDF’s weapons prove totally ineffective against him and only an attack by US and Japanese fighter planes manages to annoy him into retreating. The four year old Akiko Namikawa is among the survivors of Godzilla's rampage. Another attempt is made to kill the creature, this time using Dr. Daisuke Serizawa's experimental Oxygen Destroyer compound. Serizawa destroys all his research and sacrifices himself to activate the weapon so that it can never fall into the wrong hands. Godzilla is believed to have been killed, but is in fact only mortally wounded and forced to retreat somewhere off the coast of Japan.

1955 - The monster Anguirus awakens from hibernation in the wilderness of Japan. Godzilla, sensing the other kaiju, emerges from the depths of the Pacific to investigate. Godzilla and Anguirus meet in Osaka and fight one another in the first recorded kaiju-on-kaiju battle. Anguirus is forced into retreat while Godzilla returns to the sea, as he is still not fully recovered from the effects of the Oxygen Destroyer.

1956 - A mining village in northern Kyushu accidentally awakens a Meganulon hive. The giant insects kill and devour many of the miners. They then pupate into Meganula and absorb the radiation of underground uranium deposits to feed to their queen, who mutates into Megaguirus. Megaguirus emerges and destroys a good portion of the village. However, the commotion awakens Rodan, the last of a species of giant pterosaur that was the natural predator of the Meganula. Rodan destroys the hive and engages Megaguirus in an aerial dogfight which leads them to Fukuoka. The city is almost completely levelled by the two kaiju before the JSDF drives them off. Megaguirus retreats to an unknown hideout while Rodan heads into the Japanese Alps, where the JSDF choose to leave the solitary kaiju undisturbed.
The infant Kozo Fuyutsuki, born 9th of April that year, is one of the survivors of the battle.

1958 - The kaiju Varan awakens in the outback of Australia. The creature goes on a rampage all the way to Sydney. Varan is eventually defeated using a new chemical weapon that forces the reptile to retreat into the sea.

1959 - Ishiro Serizawa, nephew of Daisuke Serizawa, is born August 6th.

1960 - Infant Island and the Shobijin are discovered by a team investigating the effects of nearby nuclear tests on the surrounding islands. The tiny twin priestesses are kidnapped by businessman Clark Nelson and taken back to Japan to be capitalized on as a sideshow attraction. The Shobijin pray to Mothra for help and the kaiju hatches from her egg, attacking Tokyo in her larval form to rescue the girls. The JSDF injures Mothra, who cocoons herself on Tokyo Tower. The public demands the release of the Shobijin but Nelson tries to take the girls back to America with him. Fortunately they are rescued by Professor Shinichi Chujo and Nelson is killed in a shootout with police. The JSDF try to kill the pupating Mothra with their new Atomic Heat Ray Cannon but it only accelerates her maturation. Mothra emerges in her imago form and heads for Haneda Airport, lured with a symbol painted by Chujo on the runway tarmac. The girls and Mothra are reunited and return to Infant Island.

1963 - The serpentine monster Manda is awakened off the coast of Shanghai, China. The monster eventually attacks the city, but is driven off by the combined might of the Chinese and Japanese armed forces.

1964 - Ghidorah returns to Earth, now matured into King Ghidorah, and begins causing havoc all across Japan. This gains the attention of Mothra and causes Godzilla, Anguirus and Rodan to awaken. Godzilla and Rodan meet and begin to duel. Mothra, with help from Anguirus, convinces them to join her in the battle against their true enemy. All four Earth kaiju attack King Ghidorah. Mothra is killed in the battle, however her twin, newly-hatched larva join in and help drive Ghidorah off-world. After this event the UN creates the Global Defense Force to combat the rising "kaiju epidemic".

1965 - The burrowing kaiju Baragon awakens in the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. The creature attacks several villages, devouring everything from animals to people. The GDF engages the kaiju before he can make it to Moscow. They use a new experimental weapon known as the Maser Cannon to drive it back underground. Following this successful test, Maser weapon technology is put into mass production.

1966 - Godzilla attacks Tokai, Japan to feed on the reactor of the new nuclear power plant. Shortly after Godzilla is attacked by the recently awakened sea monster Ebirah. The battle attracts the attention of Megaguirus, who tries to feed on the energy of both kaiju. After a long, lengthy struggle, Godzilla forces both of his opponents to retreat.

1967 - The monsters Gorosaurus, Kamacuras and Kumonga are awakened by the conflict of the Vietnam War. Kamacuras and Kumonga attack and consume soldiers on both sides along with local villagers. Gorosaurus attempts to stop them, though this is deemed to be a territorial dispute rather than any attempt to protect the humans. Gorosaurus cannot fight both foes at once, but Godzilla eventually arrives on the scene and, to the surprise of onlookers, the two saurians join forces to defeat the arthropods. Gorosaurus disappears into the wilds of Malaysia afterwards, while Godzilla returns to Japan.
Gendo Rokobungi is born on April 29th.

1969 - On July 20th, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first men to walk on the surface of the moon. NASA begins making plans to follow up their success by sending a probe to Mars.

1970 - The Helios 7, an unmanned space probe, is launched on a mission to Mars, but an unexpected malfunction causes it to head wildly off-course and crash in the Pacific Ocean near Selgio Island. The disturbance awakens a giant cephalopod kaiju, known in local legend as Gezora. The monster’s subsequent rampage gains the attention of two more kaiju, Ganimes and Kamoebas. They eventually meet near Gotenba, Japan and a three-way brawl ensues. It ends when the GDF bring in a squad of Maser Tanks, their combined firepower sending all three kaiju into retreat. Injured and exhausted, they disappear beneath the ocean and are not seen again.

1971 - Akira Yuki is born November 3rd.

1972 - Miki Saegusa is born May 9th.

1974 - Godzilla goes on a rampage throughout Japan, only to be intercepted by another Godzilla. It is then discovered that the first Godzilla is actually a robot in disguise named MechaGodzilla. MechaGodzilla’s advanced weaponry overwhelms Godzilla, but the robot’s main controls are damaged by a blast from Godzilla’s Atomic Breath, forcing both to retreat. The GDF discover that MechaGodzilla is actually the creation of an extraterrestrial invasion force called the Cryog, a race of shape-shifters whose home planet had been destroyed by King Ghidorah, leaving their civilisation wandering the empty tracks of space in search of a habitable world. MechaGodzilla is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Godzilla and King Caesar while a GDF battalion destroys most of the Cryog’s small strike force. MechaGodzilla's remains are recovered by the GDF for study and the attack is covered up as a terrorist plot to prevent widespread panic. The remaining Cryog disappear into space but vow to return.

1975 - The aquatic monster Titanosaurus is discovered off the southern coast of Taiwan. However the monster appears friendly towards humans, only attacking a naval submarine in an act of self-defence. After much debate, the kaiju is allowed to remain in its natural habitat, but is kept under constant surveillance by the GDF.

1977 - Yui Ikari, the daughter of a prominent SEELE member, is born on the 30th of March.

1978 - Akane Yashiro is born June 12th. Douglas Gordon is born November 23rd.

1980 - Growing environmental destruction causes Battra to awaken and go on a rampage across Japan. Mothra arrives to calm her brother down, but Godzilla also appears after sensing Battra in "his" territory. Godzilla and Battra fight while Mothra attempts to pacify them both. With assistance from the GDF, Mothra is eventually able to break up the fight. Battra heads for the Bering Sea while Godzilla returns to the Pacific and Mothra to Infant Island.
Professor Ishiro Serizawa joins the GDF'S Section 2 Division

1981 - Mitsuo Katagiri is born June 22nd.

1985 - Ryoji Kaji is born June 17th. Ritsuko Akagi is born November 21st.

1986 - Misato Katsuragi is born December 8th.

1987 - Steven Woods is born July 11th.

1988 - Enrique Chavez is born June 19th.

1989 - The GDF approaches the privately/donation-funded ESP Research Institute when one of their prodigy students, 17-year-old Miki Saegusa, claims that she is able to sense Godzilla's movements from across huge distances. The GDF is skeptical at first, but Ms Saegusa demonstrates her telepathic and telekinetic abilities, then accurately predicts that Godzilla is approaching Osaka. In a desperate attempt to delay the kaiju king while the city is being evacuated, the GDF ask Ms Saegusa to reach into his mind and try to stall him. She makes a telepathic probe, looking for any sort of intelligence so that she can convince him to leave peacefully, but Godzilla becomes aware of her intrusion and forces her out, the psychic blowback knocking her unconscious. In her debriefing at GDF HQ, Ms Saegusa states that, had he wanted to, Godzilla could have easily killed her through sheer force of will and recommends that no one ever try what she did again. Ms Saegusa is commissioned by the GDF to join Section 2 and help them study Godzilla and his fellow kaiju.

1991 - King Ghidorah returns to Earth, landing on an island in the Bearing Sea that Godzilla is currently inhabiting. The two kings engage in a mighty duel that nearly destroys the whole island. Having grown more powerful over the years, Godzilla proves an even match for Ghidorah this time and manages to blow the space dragon’s middle head off. Ghidorah tries to escape into space again but is shot out of the sky by Godzilla. The GDF recovers Ghidorah’s comatose but still-living body for study, though the severed middle head is strangely nowhere to be found.
Maya Ibuki is born on the 11th of July.

1992 - After many years of setbacks and roadblocks, the GDF make a series of scientific breakthroughs with the help of Dr Naoko Akagi that allow them to begin reverse-engineering the alien technology in MechaGodzilla's remains. Armed with this new knowledge the GDF are able to finish the construction of their first large-scale mecha unit, MOGUERA, which is followed the same year by a new version of MechaGodzilla (nicknamed MG UN). The two mechas soundly prove their worth in their first deployment, with MOGUERA defeating Manda in London and MechaGodzilla driving Baragon out of Paris.

1993 - The GDF’s work on designs for various types of flying battleship meant to combine aerial agility with durability and firepower culminate in the Super X and the Garuda. The Super X is critically damaged in a battle above New Zealand against Varan, but manages to drive the giant gliding lizard away. Garuda successfully protects the Peruvian capital of Lima from Kamacuras, but the fight lays bare the ship’s limitations. A young technician named Kazuma Aoki suggests a modification for the Garuda that will allow it to combine with MechaGodzilla to increase the machine’s manoeuvrability and firepower. This combination, dubbed Super MechaGodzilla, manages to go toe-to-toe with Godzilla himself in a famous battle outside Kyoto. Due to the unexpected intervention of Rodan, the fight ends in a stalemate.

1994 - The Super X 2 is completed but takes critical damage in a fight with Godzilla off the Japanese coast, though its reflective Fire Mirror and Cadmium Missiles cause enough injury to Godzilla that he retreats rather than face Super MechaGodzilla. The GDF starts work on the Super X 3, which will be equipped with experimental freezing weapons meant to immobilise kaiju. It also draws up plans for a new class of flying battleship meant to operate in all possible environments, including aerial, aquatic and subterranean: the Gotengo.

1996 - A deep-sea survey team stumbles upon the sleeping Godzilla. Rather than disturb or attack him, the GDF uses the opportunity to make a full X-ray analysis of Godzilla’s skeletal structure. The data collected is put to use in the construction of another, more advanced MechaGodzilla that will imitate the organic movements of the real Godzilla for a more flexible fighting form. To distinguish it from MG UN, the new mecha is nicknamed ‘Kiryu’. Dr Naoko Akagi helps to design Kiryu’s most crucial piece of software: a DNA-based computer that will handle sub-conscious motor control functions for the pilot. Akane Yashiro, the GDF's top fighter pilot and bearing her own grudge against Godzilla, is among the candidates selected for training to pilot Kiryu.

1997 - Professional American MMA fighter Douglas Gordon puts aside the celebrity life to sign up with the GDF.

1998 - A new kaiju appears in New York City. At first thought to be Godzilla due to its close resemblance and ambient radioactivity, the creature is quickly found to be an entirely different mutation. Given the name Zilla as a homage, the creature is discovered to be capable of asexual reproduction and that it is using the city as a nesting site. Both the adult and his offspring are killed by the GDF's American Branch. However one egg survives, and a new Zilla hatches. The GDF captures the newborn and discover that it is fortunately infertile. The creature escapes and isn't seen again.
Nikolai Kaidonovsky is born the 24th of February.

1999 - A temple is discovered in the Philippines by a GDF-funded archeological team. A mysterious mural is found inside depicting every known kaiju on Earth. The painting is estimated to be thousands, possibly tens of thousands of years old, but its origins are a complete mystery. Scientists are stumped as to how so many kaiju who were not known to exist until modern times could be depicted in a single artwork. The mural is excavated and taken back to the GDF's main branch in Japan for further analysis and study.
Kozo Fuyutsuki and Yui Ikari first meet at Kyoto University, with Yui quickly becoming the Professor’s favourite student. Kozo also has his first meeting with Gendo Rokobungi when the younger man calls the Professor to bail him out of a police station after a bar fight. Around Autumn of that year, Yui and Gendo begin dating, much to Fuyutsuki’s surprise. At some point between 1999 and 2002, the young couple marry and Gendo Rokobungi becomes Gendo Ikari. Through his wife, Gendo is initiated into SEELE and meets Chairman Keel Lorenz.
An ambitious scientist, Dr Kazuki Katsuragi, publishes his Super Solenoid (S²) Theory, hoping to use the principles established in his research to create an actual working S² Engine capable of generating limitless amounts of energy - a perpetual motion machine effectively. His paper is poorly received by the scientific community, but does attract the attention of SEELE.

2000 - Dr Katsuragi leads a scientific expedition to Antarctica on behalf of the UN, ostensibly to find proof of his theory. In truth, it is SEELE that is backing the expedition. Accompanying Dr Katsuragi are his teenage daughter Misato and Gendo Ikari. In mid-September the Katsuragi Expedition uncovers the humanoid entity designated Adam, buried in the White Moon beneath the South Pole and impaled on the Lance of Longinus. The being is extracted from the ground and the Lance removed. Adam’s innate energy source is proved to operate in accordance with the S² Theory, vindicating Dr Katsuragi. Plans are made for an experiment to gain more data on Adam in the hope of eventually creating an artificial S² Engine. On September 12th Gendo Ikari departs the research team and returns to Japan, taking copies of all the research data with him, as he knows full well what the next day’s experiment will result in.

13th September, 2000 - The Katsuragi Expedition conduct a 'Contact Experiment’, which involves somehow introducing or fusing human DNA from a donor into Adam. The experiment goes wrong and Adam awakens from his hibernation. The reawakened Seed attempts to reclaim the Earth for the Angels by manifesting an Anti A.T. Field that will be spread across the globe to exterminate all life on the planet down to the bacterial level. Adam also opens its Doors of Guf to bestow its stored souls on the long-dormant Angels. The team of scientists attempt to subdue Adam with the Lance of Longinus but fail or are only partially successful. Most of the research team is killed by Adam before it loses control of its S² Engine and transforms into the Giant of Light. Dr Katsuragi sacrifices himself to place his injured daughter into the only escape pod moments before Adam explodes in an event dubbed ’Second Impact’. Her pod blown out to sea, Misato witnesses the four giant wings of light manifested by Adam during the explosion. The trauma of the event leaves her mute for the next four years. GDF satellites detect Godzilla moving at high speed towards Antarctica right before the event, but there is no trace of him afterwards. Adam’s body is reduced to an embryonic state and its soul is separated from its body. Both are later recovered by SEELE.
The day of Second Impact is also the supposed birthdate of Kaworu Nagisa, who carries Adam’s soul and is implied to have been created from the human DNA that was fused into Adam.
The explosion of Second Impact, estimated at upwards of 18 billion megatons of TNT, completely melts the polar ice cap and even alters the Earth’s axis. Two billion people in the southern hemisphere are killed instantly by the gargantuan tsunamis that follow. Many more die in world-wide coastal flooding as sea levels rise more than 60 metres. The flooding also devastates the northern hemisphere. It is the worst disaster in recorded history. The truth of what happened is covered up by SEELE and the official report by the UN states that Antarctica was hit by a meteorite too small to be detected and travelling a significant fraction of the speed of light, hence the name of the event.
n the aftermath of Second Impact, the physical devastation, climactic changes and loss of life are compounded by severe economic collapse, food and resources shortages and refugee crises. On the 15th of September, two days after the disaster, a nuclear exchange breaks out between India and Pakistan over refugee tensions, and global chaos ensues as similar armed conflicts erupt worldwide. On September 20th, a nuclear bomb is detonated in Tokyo that kills 500,000 people, including Erika Shiragami, daughter of emerging geneticist Dr Genshiro Shiragami. Hostilities continue for four months as the UN desperately seeks to reestablish order. With no sign of the kaiju, the GDF is reassigned to global peacekeeping duties and tasked with using their superior weaponry to end the conflicts. On October 28th, the GDF's London base is raided by militants who steal weapons and equipment, including a highly experimental and dangerous serum derived from Godzilla's cells. After it is discovered that a traitor within the GDF helped the militants accomplish the raid, Captain Gordon leads a strike team to retrieve the stolen weaponry and kill the traitor. Gordon finds the turncoat, Dr Kenshiro Makinami, preparing to inject the G-Cell serum into his infant daughter, Mari Illustrious Makinami. Only a few weeks old, Mari has been born with a rare disease that her father has been unable to treat due to the resource shortages caused by Second Impact, and with time running out before her case becomes terminal, he made a deal with the militants so he could steal the G-Cell serum he'd been working on, knowing its regenerative properties could save her. Gordon tries to stop the doctor and in the ensuing struggle Kenshiro is shot and killed, but Gordon fails to stop the injection procedure. Guilt-ridden and concerned for the child's welfare, Gordon takes Mari in so that she can be constantly monitored by the GDF for any sign of dangerous side-effects.

2001 - On February 14th, the Valentine Treaty formally brings an end to the Second Impact Wars. By this point the disaster and the chaos which followed in its wake has killed three billion people, half the human race. Thousands of plant and animal species have been rendered extinct as well and the kaiju are seemingly gone.
The Japanese government begin remodelling Matsumoto City in the Nagano Prefecture into the new capital of Tokyo-2.
Shinji Ikari is born on the 6th of June. Kensuke Aida is born 12th of September. Asuka Langley Sohryu is born December 4th and Toji Suzuhara on December 26th.

2002 - An official United Nations investigation mission is sent to Antarctica. Gendo Ikari and Kozo Fuyutsuki are part of the expedition. Plans are made for the UN headquarters to be moved to Tokyo-2 by 2007. Hikari Horaki is born 18th of February.

2003 - The construction of Tokyo-2 is finished. A UN-backed research organisation, GEHIRN, begins construction of the Evangelions as a defence against the prophesied return of the Angels. Fuyutsuki confronts Gendo Ikari and threatens to expose the Second Impact coverup. Gendo gives him a tour of then under-construction Tokyo-3 and the Geofront beneath and shows him a mock-up of Evangelion Unit-00. Fuyutsuki also meets Dr Naoko Akagi and her daughter Ritsuko, who are developing the Magi supercomputer system. Gendo ‘convinces’ Fuyutsuki to join GEHIRN.
Japan’s military is reorganised into the JSSDF in response to the outbreak of war between China and Vietnam over the Nansha Islands.

2004 - Yui Ikari disappears inside of Evangelion Unit-01 during a ‘contact experiment’ with the Eva. Shinji Ikari is sent away to live with his teacher. Gendo moves forward with work on the Human Instrumentality Project.

2005 - Asuka is selected as an Eva pilot shortly before her mother Kyoko’s suicide. Asuka’s father quickly remarries.
Misato Katsuragi and Ritsuko Akagi first meet at university in Tokyo-2. By this time Ritsuko has begun bleaching her hair blonde. Some time later Misato begins a relationship with fellow student Ryoji Kaji and introduces him to Ritsuko.
The Japanese Diet approves the building of a new capital in Fuji-Hakone and the official construction of Tokyo-3 begins.

2006 - In preparation for the return of the Angels, Kiryu is upgraded with a cutting-edge neural interface piloting system. Unfortunately, Akane is found to be incompatible because her human brain can't meld with a computer based on Godzilla's DNA. On a hunch, Miki Saegusa suggests testing the interface with the young Mari and she achieves a successful link. Akane is promoted to Chief Flight Instructor in charge of training all GDF mecha pilots.

2007 - The UN’s headquarters are relocated to Tokyo-2, Japan. Misato breaks up with Kaji.

2008 - The planning and design for the Magi supercomputers is completed. GEHIRN now begins the actual construction of the three Magi. Ritsuko Akagi graduates university at Tokyo-2 and joins GEHIRN to work under her mother. It is at this time that she learns of her mother’s affair with Gendo.

2009 - Misato is posted to GEHIRN’s German branch and meets Asuka.

2010 - The first incarnation of Rei Ayanami (Rei I) makes her first public appearance when Gendo introduces her to Naoko and Ritsuko at GEHIRN HQ. Misato Katsuragi and Ryoji Kaji officially join GEHIRN. The Magi supercomputer system in Tokyo-3 is completed. On the night of the Magi's completion, Naoko Akagi strangles Rei I to death in a fit of rage when Rei I reveals (unintentionally or otherwise) that Gendo does not truly love her and is only using her. Nook then commits suicide by throwing herself from a balcony onto the Magi. After Naoko’s death, SEELE disbands GEHIRN and reorganises all of its personnel and assets into the successor organisation, NERV.

2012 - Shinji Ikari sees his father for the first and last time in eight years, when they are visiting his mother’s grave marker.

2014 - The construction of Evangelion Unit-01 is officially completed. Rei Ayanami (Rei II) transfers into Tokyo-3 First Municipal High School, joining the class of students in 7th Grade who will be in the 8th Grade Class 2-A when Shinji transfers into it the following year. In Germany, Asuka graduates from university as a child prodigy.

2015 - Rei Ayanami begins attempting to synchronise with Evangelion Unit-00, but is unsuccessful for seven months. When NERV attempts an activation test, Unit-00 goes berserk and Rei is badly injured. Misato Katsuragi arrives in Tokyo-3 just days after the incident. The very next day, Misato is dispatched to bring Shinji Ikari to Tokyo-3 right when the Third Angel, Sachiel, appears. The Angel Wars have begun....
GODZILLA Angel Wars Timeline
Hey guys! Here is an updated timeline for my Godzilla/Evangelion crossover, GODZLLA Angel Wars. I wanna give a HUGE thank you to my bro and co-author dalek1994 for helping out on this :D Now this timeline isn't completely finished yet but I will be updating it soon as there is some other info that will be necessary. But I hope you all enjoy it :D Lemme me know what you guys think down in the comments below :)

All rights are (c) of their original owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!!
65 Million Years Ago - King Ghidorah and DesGhidorah arrive on Earth and proceed to cause the KT Extinction event. Earth's first guardians,  Mothra and Battra, engage the space dragons and force King Ghidorah off world while DesGhidorah is sealed away in what will one day become the Amazon Rainforest. An estimated 90% of all plant life and 70% of all animal life has been wiped out in the attack. However, some of the creatures will live on to carry their heritage into the future.

Approx. 12,000 B.C. - The Kingdom/Continent of Mu sinks beneath the Pacific Ocean. It's monsters Manda, Megalon and Dagahra are believed to have died along with them....

Approx. 10,200 B.C. - As humanity begins to enter into the Neolithic Era, the Mysterians, a race of extraterrestrials inhabiting the planet Mysteriod discover atomic capabilities. Several years after however, they end up destroying themselves in nuclear war, destroying their planet into what we now know is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Mysterians are forced to take up residence on Mars, where they begin to keep an eye on Earth.

Approx. 1500 A.D. - The Legend of Gojira begins on Odo Island.

1945 A.D. - Humanity has entered into the atomic age. America conducts the first atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945 and later drops the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, thus forcing Japan to surrender and marking the end of World War II. Over the next few years, America would continue to conduct atomic tests across the South Pacific.

March 1, 1954 - The Castle Bravo test, the largest US conducted atomic test, is conducted on Bikini Atoll. The blast yields 15 megatons of power. But what no one could have imagined was just the test had created and unleashed upon the world. In the months that followed after the Castle Bravo test, many ships began to disappear in the South Pacific, including an American submarine. One of the ships, a Japanese vessel called the Eikou Maru, sends a mayday via Morse Code. They reported "there was there was a blinding flash of light and the ocean burst into flame." This lead to Japan sending out another ship, the Bingo Maru, to investigate though it too suffers the same fate.
On November 3rd, 1954 the source of the shipping disasters makes himself known to the world: a 50 meter tall monster called Gojira by the people of Odo Island, Americanized later as Godzilla. Dr. Kyohei Yamani, a renowned Japanese paleontologist, purposes his belief that Godzilla was mutated by the atomic tests conducted in the South Pacific, give the levels of radiation left in the creatures wake, and believes the creature should studied. The Japanese government disagrees however and decides to try and kill the monster before he can become a threat to their country, give the creature's close proximity to Japan and its coastal waters. They locate Godzilla via sonar and use depth charges to kill him. However, Godzilla not only survives the attack but retaliates. He makes landfall in Tokyo and destroys the city, killing thousands of people and transforming the Japanese capitol into a sea of fire. The JSDF's weapons prove ineffective against the creature and he's only forced to return to the sea after being annoyed by a squadron of Japanese fighter jets. The creature is ultimately defeated by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer. The doctor destroys his research and sacrifices his life to kill Godzilla and take the secret of his invention with him to ensure it can NEVER be recreated. Godzilla is pronounced killed and the Japanese cabinet moves the capitol to Osaka while Tokyo undergoes massive reconstruction.
This marks the beginning the 'Age of Monsters.'

1955 - Two pilots working for a Japanese fishing company, Shoichi Tsukioka and Kojikawa Kobayashi, making a startling discovery on the remote Iwato Island - Godzilla engaged in battle with another kaiju later named Anguirus. The creature would later be referred to as Angurius I. The two creatures battle takes them all the way to Osaka, Japan where they proceed to decimate the city, including the Osaka Castle. Godzilla kills Anguirus and then sets his corpse ablaze. Godzilla returns to the sea and disappears for the next several years after heading into the Bering Sea.
My Godzilla Anime Timeline
So here's my timeline for my Godzilla anime, or at least what I have so far. Please keep in mind it's still a WIP and I will update as often as I can guys :) That said be sure to lemme me know what you all think as I'm anxious to hear your comments :D

All rights are (c) of their original owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!!
Hey guys me again :) I've been thinking in regards to my Godzilla anime idea and I've been trying to come up with a timeline of events. Do you guys think I should have events similar to the films and have it be there have been multiples of various kaiju (i.e. Anguirus, Rodan, Zilla etc.) but there's only one Godzilla? Lemme me know your thoughts in the comments.


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Hello! I'm Sideswipe217 aka Hunter! I'm into Transformers, Godzilla, all kinds of things. I really want to make friends here on deviantART. Thanks for having me :D

Honestly guys I feel like this scene from JUSTICE LEAGUE is how the world of Remnant would be with Optimus gone. In fact it's the reason I came up the idea. But what do you guys think? Lemme me know your thoughts.


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